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9 fashion wigs recommended, easy to change a variety of styles

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Amy girls must love tossing their hair, but the length of the hair is fixed, how can we do it? At this time, you need a fashion wig, now the wig is more and more beautiful and more realistic, you really don't want to Want a top?

Style 1

Brown long hair style, hot into a fluffy curly hair style, stylish and not tacky, side hair tied to the cheeks, repair and age, more cute and pretty.

Style 2


Pear short curly hair, beautiful curvature on both sides, fluffy and natural curls close to the cheeks, have a good face-lift effect, and the short bangs overall looks very sweet and pleasant.

Style 3

The pure black wave head looks very smooth and beautiful. The sparse eyebrows of the bangs, the natural tail of the buckle, the overall looks very cute and lovely.

Style 4

The trend of the long hair egg roll, breaking the dull and dull sense of ordinary hair, to create a sense of dynamic charm, coupled with temperament in the bangs super cute and romantic.

Style 5

Fresh and sweet high-tailed hair. Thin bangs and low horsetails are not only fashionable but also very sweet, with a small fresh ponytail hairstyle.

Style 6

In the middle of the pear head, the hair curls of the clip in hair extensions tail are very individual, and the girl's temperament goose egg face and long hair are very temperamental, and the air bangs are more attractive.

Style 7

The pure long straight hair style perfectly presents the lady's temperament. Together with Qi Liu Hai design, you can create a small face effect.

Style 8

Qi Liuhai's shoulders and short hair, full of youthful vitality, coupled with light linen dyed hair, add a bit of fashion to the overall shape, is the best choice for young students!

Style 9

The air bangs long curly hair, not only elegant and very temperament, the natural scattered tail has a good layering, and the pink level at the end of the hair is more individual.

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