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Create your own hairstyle

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Create your own hairstyle

Every girl must want to appear in front of others with the most perfect side. Hair style is of course the top priority of the overall style. Choosing a hair style that suits your style can make UP feel good immediately!

Office workers' refreshing and short clip hair uk teach you this year's popular models of light and sweet hair DIY steps, fashion short hair can be quickly fixed, let the gentle hair, exudes a sense of fluidity and confidence, let you go to work happy!

Office workers are refreshing and short hair DIY

Modeling Step 1: On the other side of the bangs, use a comb to comb down and fluff the hair roots.

Step 2: After the brain, spray a proper amount of hair gel.

Modeling Step 3: Use the breeze to shape the bangs and the hair tips on both sides, and blow them more docile.

Modeling Step 4: Turn the hair dryer into a breeze file, grab the hair behind the head with your hand, and blow the hair.

Step 5: Finally, apply a small amount of wax to the tip of the clip in hair extensions uk, and the overall shape can be completed.

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