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Does smoking cause hair loss?

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Does smoking cause hair loss?

Smoking is harmful to health has become a recognized fact, but smoking will not cause bobo hair uk loss, this problem has been mentioned by many people.

Tobacco contains more than 1,300 compounds, most of which are harmful to humans; especially nicotine, which is more harmful to the human body. Nicotine in a cigarette can kill a mouse, and nicotine contained in 20 cigarettes. Can poison a cow. If people smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes a day, they will ingest 50-70 mg of nicotine. Because of the detoxification ability of organs in the human body, these nicotines are gradually inhaled, so they will not cause death, but the body still has potential hidden dangers.

The effects of smoking on hair have been studied. A research institute has done such a test; 600 male smokers aged 40 to 80 years have been recruited to track and adjust them. According to the data, the probability of hair loss in most smokers is much higher than that of normal people. After controlling age and family factors, it is found that the probability of human hair extensions loss among smokers is greater than that of ordinary people. The risk of hair loss caused by smoking, with smoking The number is growing and growing. Through investigation, it can be found that smoking and hair loss have a certain relationship. Tobacco toxin in cigarettes can damage the scalp, produce toxins harmful to the body, and hinder the growth of hair.

Some of the causes of male hair loss are due to androgen in the body, referred to as androgen alopecia. After several years of research, it has been found that cigarettes contain substances that increase male androgen. Male smokers will ingest these harmful substances, which will disrupt the normal hormone content in the body and cause the problem of male hair loss.

Whether smoking will cause hair loss, the result is already very obvious, the harmful substances contained in cigarettes will affect the normal growth of hair, causing people to find out.

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