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Exclusive hairstyles for two straight hair girls

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Exclusive hairstyles for two straight hair girls

Straight hair is no longer a monotonous boring shawl, Xiaobian recommends two exclusive hair styles for straight hair sisters, so that you can change the style and then beautiful.

Is the sister who keeps her hair very good and has loose hair? Do you think there is no good hair? NONONO! Let Xiaobian come to save you, teach you a few hair styles for straight hair, let you change style and then beautiful!

Model one

Adding the elements of the braided clip in hair extensions to the middle of the clavicle makes the original simple hairstyle add a little sweet and lovely feeling!

Step 1: Select a pair of hair from the positions on the left and right sides of the ear, and start to make three strands from the top of the top.

Step 2: After both sides are compiled, they are fastened with rubber bands.

Step 3: Finish the braided scorpion and then decorate it with a bow hair ornament. Is it very simple? This sweet hair style makes it easy for you to capture the attention of passers-by!

Model 2

The combination of HALF UP hairstyle and side lashing makes the hairstyle full of feminine and pretty feelings, and easily creates an elegant little girl of the ladies.

Step1: To complete this hairstyle, it can be roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the braiding of one side, and the second part is the effect of the hair of the back hair. First, we select a bunch of hair bundles on the left side, and we also edit the three strands from the top position.

Step2: After we have finished the three-strand plaque, we don't need to fix the rubber band. Instead, we use the comb to comb the hair at the end of the hair to make the effect of the hang, so that the hair naturally makes a firm finishing effect. This human hair style will be more natural!

Step3: Select about three-quarters of the hair in the remaining hair. We twist the hair bundle from right to left to the braiding point and fix it with a black hairpin. The remaining quarter is hair. We let it fit naturally on the chest.

These two straight hair creative methods, the hairdressing method is simple, you can use it at home. Ordinary straight hair can be made more beautiful with a simple change.

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