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Japanese style half-tie hairstyle

· Japanese hairstyle

Japanese style half-tie hairstyle

Are the beautiful girls tired of the scent of ordinary broth and the unchanging pony tail? Japanese-style half-tied hair is simple and sweet, and it can transform many different patterns. Today, Xiaobian teaches you that the Japanese style is half-tied and turned into a little sweet girl, so that your favorite eyes are bright!

Preparation tools: electric wand, pointed comb, black hairpin, bow hairpin

This Japanese-style half-tied hair is easy to handle, but the effect is very good, very sweet and cute, and can easily attract the attention of others. Hurry up and look up and pick up your hair and learn!

Step1: First comb the hair with a comb.

Step2: Using the electric coil, the tail will be powered out two or three arcs.

Step3: Start with the left side, extract the right amount of hair on the tip of the ear and twist it. The right side is treated in the same way.

Step4: Two bundles of twisted hair intersect and the hairpins are fixed.

Step5: Circle the hair that has been fixed at an intersection point in the direction of the circle and fix it with a hair extensions clip.

Step6: Fixed with a hair clip.

Step7: Finally, use the cute bow for the final fixing and decoration.

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