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The latest hairstyle, short hair, short hair that people have to love

It is very simple to make a short hair to be fashionable. It is not the same as a short haircut. It is fluffy and has a texture. It is sweet and aging with the air. It is very attractive to brown.

This year, this kind of short-haired lace front wigs is especially popular. It will make the tail hairs roll out and playful and cute. It is a younger age-reducing weapon! Adding air to the bangs is more sweet, changing the hair color or something, and it is fashionable to fly in minutes.

Sweet beauty students must have short air bangs, add a little micro-rolls that look extraordinarily textured, with the air-filled bangs, not only the forehead is more age-reducing, I believe you will not miss.

Simple short straight hair is particularly popular this year. Both sides of the hair are docile cheeks + mid-point design seconds to become a small face beauty, dyed with the trend of light linen color, instantly turned into a tide girl.

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Square face suitable short hair style

Yujie should love the short hair that is designed in the middle. The natural black hair looks like a little literary fan. The medium-sized design makes the hair on both sides cover the face very well, and it can become a delicate face in one second.

Add a little volume of short hair to be fashionable, and add a big C-shaped volume to the end of the hair lace wigs and suck the essence. After the hair is picked up to the ear, the C-character can be presented well, and a small face can be displayed.

The round face sister is the most suitable short hair for the neck, the bangs above the eyebrows to modify the face shape, and the short hair of the neck is really good for age reduction, and the natural hair color collides with the plaid shirt, so there is a literary fan.

This air LOB short hair mainly emphasizes the airiness of the hair, the layer is very fine, the hair is thin and elegant, and then the hair curler is used to make the hair curl slightly, which looks more fashionable and eye-catching.

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