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Long curly hair is the most versatile

· long curly hair

The long curly hair is very versatile, basically it doesn't pick people's faces, so you don't have to worry about it when you choose long curly hair. Today, I recommend a few of the latest versatile mid-length curly hair styles for girls, and the girls may wish to give it a try.

Long curly hair

Side bangs long curly hair

This hairstyle is flanked with a slanting look, creating a playful and sexy feeling. The long brown curly hair shines brightly under the sunlight, bringing out an elegant temperament, and can also modify the face of the round face girl. It looks even sweeter.

bangs long curly hair

bangs makes the forehead more full, and the high-haired sister with long hairline can consider this long curly hair, plus the golden hair dye, so that the whole style is stylish and temperament. The hair curls of the hair style interpret the elegant style and outline the unique beauty you want.

Black long curly hair

The natural black hair wigs starts to boil the egg roll from the edge of the ear, and the curvature of the arc outlines a small sweetness. According to the current popular thin bangs perm, Liu Hai adds a lot of color to his face and presents his personality.

Medium long curly hair

The long hair is hot and full of curvature, creating a fluffy feeling that makes the whole shape more perfect. This medium-length curly hair is more suitable for girls with large faces. The bangs on both sides cover a slightly wider forehead, showing a sense of fashion, fresh and refreshing.

bangs layered long curly hair

Dark brown hair dyes are softer than black, which is a good choice for girls to enhance their femininity. Girls with less foreheads can be covered with bangs, and it doesn't need too thick bangs to look natural. When the hair is cut, the layering is shaped, so that the hot hair will buckle like a flower-like layer.

Large wavy curly hair

The face is not perfect, and it is covered by a hairstyle. The middle score is a good change for girls with high cheekbones. The hair on both sides of the middle can cover the high cheekbones well, which can alleviate the suddenness of the face. Use a large curling iron to curl the hair and make it look more agile.

Thick and sloping bangs

The medium long hair extensions can have a short hair and a long hair, and the medium hair curler can be used to maximize the hair. After cutting out the bangs, use the curling iron to heat the bangs to one side, forming a natural curvature. It looks like a beautiful slanting bangs.

Four or six points of bangs curls

bangs, who is four or six points, is very popular this year. It is also very convenient to modify the face shape. The curly hair from the ear is more casual, but it also highlights your femininity and also achieves the effect of modifying the face.

Korean fashion curly hair

The little girl's flat bangs curls, very Korean fashion, suitable for girls who like curly hair but not too dare to try, refreshing and sweet and natural, the focus is that this curl will have some pure temperament.

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