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The most fashionable short hair style in 2018

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The most fashionable short hair style in 2018

If you want to create a unique look with a short hair, you can start with a simple look like this, and you can easily trim the hair ends below to have a rich layering, which can make you feel good about the face shape. It will also look low-key and have a personality charm. Even if it is matched with the simplest black, there will be no signs of old age. It is a short hair style worthy of your trial.

[Short hair style 2]

Korean style short hair is the most popular, the short hair is hot into a slight volume design, and then easily create a fluffy natural texture, just like the above, the hair extensions on one side is the outer warp On the other side, the fluffy natural curvature of the other side, at the same time, will also slightly buckle the inside of the tail, helping you to achieve the beauty and thinness of the face also highlights the temperament of Han Faner beauty.

[Short hair style three]

This is the short hair style that Korean beauty likes most in 2018. The most special thing is that it will burn the bottom of the big C shape with a curved shape of the inner button, and then it will be equipped with a simple In the middle of the bangs to decorate, then the changed shape is not only as simple as your hair, even the exquisite and charming facial features are more stereoscopic, and the versatile fashion will also improve your temperament index.

[Short hair style four]

If you want to burn short hair extensions with a special personality, you can try this, all the hair on the head is curled into small waves, for those who have less hair and soft hair. It's really suitable, because in this way you can create a sense of fullness in your hair volume. Everyday travel needs to be clean and neat, you can also make a half-ball head, add a lot of cute youthfulness.

[Short hair style five]

This is the shortest hair style of the 2018 student party's favorite and most versatile look. Of course, if you want to be a light mature woman with age-reducing temperament, then you can choose this one with confidence, just short straight hair. Trim to the position on the neck, beautiful lines on your neck, and then bend the tail to the inside of the design, you can also wrap your big face, with a bangs shape of the goddess of the face, You can have the breath of the student girl instantly.

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