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The most popular 3 straight hair styles in spring and summer

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The most popular 3 straight hair styles in spring and summer

The three most popular straight hair styles in spring and summer, which hairstyle do you like?

When the sexy girl hairstyles softly passed over the face, it seems that I have met the classic BOB head. The alternating between light and dark is geometric and modern, and it has become a simple and fresh new fashion. This season's color protagonists are burgundy and blue-black. The precision of the cut highlights the illusion of burgundy, the midnight feeling of blue and black, and the just-right transition, which makes the two colors form a unique rhythm.

The avant-garde modified BOB hairstyle uses weight-stacking technology to make the back look fuller. The unique "heart" type of flowing sea retouches the facial lines, making the hair look healthier and has a dangling texture, and the cool and handsome essence is released to the fullest.

The most popular 3 straight hair styles in spring and summer

The abstract and three-dimensional cuts make vivid hair, asymmetrical straight lines, stepped outlines, and naturally cut hair tips. They seem to jump in the passion, and behind the exaggerated and unrestrained is the infinitely rich inner world quietly flowing. The varied levels and gradual colors allow the femininity to move between publicity and low-key, with a variety of movements and movements, giving the hair a strong architectural style.

The asymmetric cheeks of the cheeks can perfectly modify the round face of oriental women. A touch of blue highlights makes the whole look more dazzling and dynamic, just like a catwoman! The faint makeup has no more color decoration, and the close-up of the eyes indicates the stylish attitude of personality.
The most popular 3 straight human hair wigs uk styles in spring and summer

The unique academic temperament blends with the modern trend, sexy and playful looming, irregular tailoring techniques make the hair look more free and messy. The flowing sea is the main event. The slightly longer side is surrounded by the looming cheeks. It is simple and elegant, but elegant and elegant. The color is especially bold, the steady maroon and the lively jumping purple create a unique three-dimensional visual effect.

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